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Toyota Hilux Aluminium Canopies

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The Toyota Hilux was the first vehicle we ever made a canopy for. Still one of our best selling canopies. All Hilux canopies are bolted onto the load bin with six M8 high tensile bolts. We are taking orders for the 2016 Hilux. We offer a range of canopies to suit your budget as well as accessories to help you use the canopy more efficiently. With prices starting at just R12900 including vat and fitting, we offer one of the best products at the lowest price on the market. Some may be skeptical about our low prices and will assume low prices usually mean lower quality, but, this is where we are different. Since most canopy manufacturers are now using the same components, and with aluminum being the same price for everyone, we can safely say that we work more efficiently to produce a great quality product at a great price. We have one of the highest load capacities on the roof of our canopy at 600kg. Pay us a visit and have a look through our website and you will see the quality of our canopies.